Elizabeth-Marie & Djany go to the Emperor’s Birthday

As far as amazing experiences go, the Emperor’s Birthday Celebration at Trust Hall, Wellington, has certainly made its mark on my list. This was a particularly special occasion as it was the first birthday celebration of His Majesty the new Emperor of Japan, Naruhito.

The celebration saw a number of important delegates and officials, with a just as impressive spread of culinary delights, cultural displays of bonsai and kimono.

I was joined by my secretary, Elizabeth-Marie Nes, who felt very honoured to join the birthday celebration and said it was an absolute treat to meet other Japanese people and dignitaries.

We both wish to thank our fellow committee members and our patron, Harry Lawson, who helped with the organizing and to make this trip possible. We hope the Emperor also enjoyed his celebrations and lives to see many more.

Djany Tanabe
HB Japan Society President

Ambassador Kobayashi’s Speech from the night can be found HERE